Donban , Karma House

Karma House Wembley


  • Main Contractor: Donban


  • 340 Bedrooms
  • 110 Studio Bedrooms with Kitchens
  • 68 Kitchens


Working in partnership with Donban we began work on this project. Utilising our expert manufacturing and installation skills we have been commissioned to produce the interiors for 340 bedrooms, 110 studio bedrooms with kitchens and 68 cluster kitchens.

This project was special due to its innovative construction method, whereby the rooms were completely fitted off site in Bedford, transported to Wembley and crane lifted into the structure, using ‘Vision Modular Structures’. The aim of this project is part of the Borough’s ambition to improve the student accommodation offer in the first Wembley.

The 18 story new build will be an innovative and stylish place for students to live, with fantastic accessibility to public transport.