The Teenage Cancer Trust

The charity specialises in creating high-quality care units, which are the perfect environment to provide treatment and support, catering to the unique needs of each and every of the young people they support. They plan their units down to the tiniest detail in order to maintain a pleasant and comfortable environment; incorporating social spaces, TV’s, games consoles, pool tables and jukeboxes. The emphasis is on giving young people a chance to be their self despite a diagnosis of cancer, and to feel at home somewhere where they can get all the care they need as well as relax with friends and family. We believe this is so important, especially at Christmas time.

Teenage cancer trust also use donations to pay for specialist care professionals to treat their patients; a £20 donations could pay for an hours one-on-one consultation with a specialist youth support worker, or £25 could help a young person see a specialist cancer nurse. This access to some of the country’s best medical professionals can be essentials to a young person’s recovery, and to maintaining their quality of life along the way.

The Links team will also be supporting Teenage Cancer Trust, as our chosen charity, through various events in 2015. Look out for any information on our news feed.

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